The Urban Collective Media group is a digital agency with a difference. We have a visionary group of professionals that collectively form a team to provide leading digital services to our clients and help them maximise their business potential online.
The Urban Collective has no geographical boundaries in sourcing and recruiting the world’s finest digital talent to supply our customers with best practice from around the world. Our urbanised team brings decades of experience in the online industry and they collectively work together to deliver digital solutions for our customers who strive for a stronger digital presence
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Marketing Strategy

We provide advice, recommendations, planning and implementation guidance. Tell us where you want your business to be, and we can put together a full plan, complete with cost-analysis and relevant market research.

Website Design

Whether your site is looking a bit worn around the edges, or perhaps you don’t even have a site yet, talk to us. We provide design services, including business branding and consultation. We can even  give your current site a complete makeover to ensure that you’re one step ahead of your competitors.

SEO Audit

Let us carry out a full SEO audit for you, where we will identify common SEO mistakes with your website by highlighting the presence of technical aspects, such as Google Page Speed, social links and provide you with ways to improve your site.

Multilingual SEO Copywriting

Our goal is to make your website visible in search engines locally or across the world with SEO optimised content that we can write in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian to make your products and services available to the rest of the world.

International & Local SEO

Who has time to keep on top of the latest search engine trends? Aside from that, who has time to implement changes on your site and create the right content for the right audience to keep up with those trends? We do. Get in contact and find out what we can do to help you climb the rankings locally and internationally.

Social Media Management

As experts in social media, managing social media properties for some behemoth-sized clients, we know what it takes to get the Twittersphere talking and the Facebookers clicking. We can assist with Facebook advertising, growing your following.

Mobile Friendly Site

Every site we build is mobile friendly but if all you need is a new responsive site, we can build that too. Google has changed its algorithm making mobile friendliness a huge factor in search rankings. You can check if your site is mobile friendly here.

Pay Per Click

With Google AdWords we will get your ad showing to the right people at the right time. We can build a strategy to get you instant online visibility for when customers are searching on Google for products or services that you offer.

Graphic Design

From logo design to brochures, to branding, we do it all. We believe that graphic design is a very important element when presenting your products and services to the customers and we will help you create striking visual presentations.

Email Marketing

We can help you create and send email campaigns to your customers, to not only communicate but to also track behaviours, build profiles and use clients’ details in bulk.

Photography & Videography

Make your brand stand out by using professional photography and video production for TV or online. Our team experience makes this method exciting and engaging for businesses, especially when delivering the right message.

Analytics and Attribution

Our team of qualified analysts will set up analytical tracking on your site to assess key performance metrics with the goal of improving site traffic stickiness and conversions. Using the latest tools and techniques, we can measure marketing influence through attribution analysis and guide your marketing strategy and budget appropriation.

Why We Rock

Latest Works

We work with every kind of business, from multinationals through to sole traders. We launch products, build sites, and generally make people think that you’re awesome .Have a look at our portfolio of clients and some of the latest projects we’ve worked on.

Latest News

We work with every kind of business, from multinationals through to sole traders. We launch products, build sites, and generally make people think that you’re awesome .Have a look at our portfolio of clients and some of the latest projects we’ve worked on.

Digital Marketing: What is it Really?

Online or digital marketing is commonly known as the use of new media to market a brand, product or company. Although there are different activities that can be done, digital marketing relies mainly on the internet. One of the main factors of a Digital Marketing strategy is having a website. Websites play a huge role […]

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Say Goodbye to Google Ads On The Right Side Of Desktop Search Results

It’s been officially confirmed by Google: no more ads on the right side of desktop search results worldwide, and although this is a big change, it has been tested since 2010 by their teams, leading to this moment. However, the search giant did mention that there will be one more ad above the organic search results for “highly commercial […]

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A Social Media Guide For Businesses

The Importance of Social Media Social media is everywhere nowadays. Anyone can use it for any purpose, which is why we’ve decided to put together a little social media guide for small to medium businesses, to give you an understanding of the most important social networks out there. Facebook Facebook is the largest social network […]

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