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Gmail’s New “Block” and “Unsubscribe” Features

Gmail is slowly coming up with new features to make our lives better and our inboxes easier to handle. Earlier in June this year we’ve seen the “Undo Send” feature which was bound to reduce our instant email regrets. This week, Gmail is helping us ban all those annoying senders, stalkers, hoax emails that we get, and unsubscribe […]

Desktop searches

Tweets on Google Desktop Searches

This week’s News Flash: Tweets are officially showing up in desktop searches! We’ve heard about this new deal between Google and Twitter early this year, and as our curious selves we wanted to check it out first hand, except now, the partnership has expanded from mobile to desktop and things have changed a little bit. […]


TUC Launches Dental Website: My Dental Implants UK

The Urban Collective are proud to announce the launch of their new dental website, My Dental Implants UK. My Dental Implants UK provides information and advice for those seeking dental implants in the UK, no matter which type of dental implants they’re looking for. Whether they’re looking for individual implants, zygomatic implants, or Same Day, […]


Welcome to our blog, our world!

Hello! We are excited to introduce you to our blog and our very new website. We are The Urban Collective, a digital media agency run by a group of professionals located in different parts of the world and working as a team to help maximise our clients’ business potential online. We are no ordinary agency, […]

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