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Gmail’s New “Block” and “Unsubscribe” Features

Gmail is slowly coming up with new features to make our lives better and our inboxes easier to handle. Earlier in June this year we’ve seen the “Undo Send” feature which was bound to reduce our instant email regrets. This week, Gmail is helping us ban all those annoying senders, stalkers, hoax emails that we get, and unsubscribe from those hundreds of marketing emails we receive on a daily basis, but without going through the whole process of “we’re sorry to see you leave”.

Here’s how you can access these features on the Gmail app:

  • On web or android, click on the three vertical dots that open the reply button drop-down menu and you will find the “Block” option at the bottom
  • Only on android, go to the promotional email, hit the “More” option (represented by the three vertical dots) in the top right corner, and choose “Unsubscribe.”

Gmail Block

Once a user is blocked, it will automatically send the emails to the Spam folder and if you regret blocking someone,  you can unblock them by finding a message from them in the Spam folder and repeat the process by selecting “Unblock + name of sender”.

 at Gmail, states that you should be able to say, “Never see messages from this person again.” and that’s why at the TUC we love Gmail so much, helping us reach that inbox serenity, one email at a time.

Kenza Alaoui





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