Mobile search

Let’s Talk Mobile Search

Let’s take a minute and talk about mobile search…what are the trends? where is it heading?

As a digital media agency, at the TUC we do a lot of SEO for our clients and our team is always reading on SEO articles and getting up to date with the latest news in the industry (no one wants to be surprised by another Google update).

We’ve understood that our audiences have access to a multitude of platforms and with the ongoing adoption of smartphones and tablets, we are seeing a massive increase in mobile for media engagement which is why it is important for us to not only make our websites mobile friendly but to also keep in mind this shift in digital activity.

For the past year we’ve noticed the growth of mobile more than ever before, according to Search Engine Land “Mobile search accounts for 30 percent of all search activity (Q4 2014), with smartphones driving a greater share (20 percent) than tablets.” and it seems that most of our time is spent on mobile apps, which changes the way we search online, giving us an alternative to Google. However, mobile web is as important, driving twice the amount of mobile audience.

Search continues to evolve rapidly with voice search (Siri, Cortana, Google Now) and now Google wanting to dominate mobile search by looking into mobile behaviour and rolling out soon Now on Tap.

This only means that a lot more opportunities exist on mobile.





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