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The Life of a Digital Nomad – Max Rantz McDonald

Have you ever thought of working and living around the world? At the Urban Collective, being a digital nomad is just a way of life, and we love hearing about other people who do the same! I caught up with a dear friend of mine, Max, who’s also out there living the dream as a digital nomad. Max decided to tell us about this unique, but ever more common lifestyle, his experiences, and plans for the future.

What made you become a modern / digital nomad and travel the world?

I have always had a lust for global travel. By the age of 16 my parents had brought me to every continent and given me the travel bug. Any job I have ever worked included travel, it was my biggest attraction when I looked for jobs. Whether it would be traveling across Europe to manage a top European club rugby game or an event in the Caribbean it had to have an element of travel. Just under two year ago now, I cut all strings and started ‘work’ traveling full time. I only get back to Ireland these days when I work it as a layover in between long haul flights and haven’t been back in my home town for more than 3 nights.
All I need is my MacBook Pro, iPhone, my unlimited international data roaming sim and a pair of Havaianas.

What do you most look forward every morning when you wake up?

I look forward to putting on a good play list and going for a 5k run in the morning, going for runs is the best way to see a new city. Then coming back and checking my emails and messages that have come in over night from friends in different time zones.

Which countries have you worked in?

Ive worked in:
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • England
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Thailand
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal (Disaster relief work)

Which project was the most exciting for you?

A very exciting one for me recently was the Las Vegas Rugby Sevens. I got flown from one side of the world to the other from a Color Run tour over to Vegas so I could entertain a packed rugby sevens stadium for three days behind a mic. What made it even better for me was that I had a couple of friends playing for the different countries from when I played international rugby sevens in the tournament. So as stadium MC to be able to announce them as try scorers on the world stage was pretty special.
Last year I toured with Katy Perry across Australia which was pretty cool.

Although being a modern nomad must be very rewarding, do you ever experience low points during your travels?

To be honest the lowest points are always related to laundry. There is nothing worse than packing for a 13 hour flight with all your clothes smelling of gone off vinegar and trying to pick what to wear. Eating healthy and staying fit never really go hand in hand with constant travel and can get pretty frustrating. Eating airport food and not having a routine are probably the biggest influencers with that one.

What would you say to people that are stuck in a 9 to 5 job and would like to get out and travel whilst working?

If they are not happy they need to get out, for many reasons. Number one being that they are spending 70%+ of their lives in a job they don’t enjoy. Why would you work a job you don’t enjoy 5 out of 7 days of the week. I understand for a lot of people that this could be very daunting and it wouldn’t work for some people. If you have a dream, go for it. When I left my full time event management job, I had a desire to create an MC career for myself. Not knowing if such a thing existed or was possible, I worked my ass off with previous contacts and sniffed out the people I needed to impress. It paid off and here I am now.
I know people can be scared of the prospect and a lot of people will never take that jump but for those that do its the best decision of their lives, once they work hard enough to get what they want. Being your own person and traveling where you want is the most liberating feeling – you really feel like your living. You wont get anywhere if you stay within your comfort zone. No risk, No reward.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your years of being a “nomad”?

Be careful with your money. Travel for the most part can be expensive but if your careful with it you can make it stretch so far. I get a lot of people who are perplexed by how I ‘afford’ to fly around the world on a weekly basis… get other people to pay for your flights. All my long-haul flights are paid for by the different gigs I work. I then bounce my return flight back and book a satellite flight to a local destination, that I wouldn’t normally get to because its so far away.

What does the future look like for Max?

I’ve a lot coming up but looking at the next 3 months Im MCing a Color Run in Bangkok, Working on the operations team for an Entrepreneurial gathering on a boat leaving Miami, MCing in Dubai, touring Australia & New Zealand with Oprah Winfrey and Hugh Jackman and then Sailing around Brazil for New Years. Its going to be a lot of moving and i’m so pumped about it !

Where can people follow your adventures?

I have just relaunched my travel blog, where I will put up travel tips, stories and videos – www.LiveToTheMax.me and you can check out my travel pics from around the world on my Instagram @Maxrmcd.


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