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Tweets on Google Desktop Searches

This week’s News Flash: Tweets are officially showing up in desktop searches!

We’ve heard about this new deal between Google and Twitter early this year, and as our curious selves we wanted to check it out first hand, except now, the partnership has expanded from mobile to desktop and things have changed a little bit. Instead of just having a standard link, Google is showcasing a person’s or a company’s tweets on its desktop in a carousel-style box showing the last couple of tweets, complete with the times they were sent. However, if you are looking for a more general topic you will get tweets from the official Twitter account and relevant tweets from other users about the topic, same when typing a hashtag, you’ll have access to a list of trending tweets.

By extending their partnerships, Google and Twitter are giving brands a new way in, and to celebrate this Google tweeted the following:

Google + Twiiter

At the Urban Collective we are very curious to see how the future of search results will be and if Google will be putting in place relevancy requirements for tweets…

One thing is for sure, we now have even more reasons to tweet! @TUCMediaGroup





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