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Wix Sites Disappearing From Google’s Index

Wix is a largely known low cost website builder, with designs aimed at small businesses such as restaurants, shops, etc. A few weeks ago Wix users started noticing a huge decline in activity as a result of their sites dropping out of the Google index. This means that Google has removed most of these sites from their search results which can cost Wix users a lot of business! The problem is due to Wix sites only using one platform, when one site starts having issues all the others are bound to be affected as well. Knowing that Wix hosts 70 million websites this must have made a lot of people unhappy!

So what does Google say about all this? They’re working on the issue to get it fixed as soon as possible and all you have to do is sit tight and wait for the reindexing.

However, if you are a business owner, each day that goes by with your site de-indexed can cost you money… At The Urban Collective, we highly recommend the use of WordPress for your website, and if you are a Wix user we can easily convert your website to WordPress or even build a new one from scratch for you!

Have a look at our portfolio and contact us at info@theurbancollective.com so we can have a look at your current website.






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